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Clan: Time Lords of Gallifrey

Number of members: 27
Tagline: Gallifrey Falls No More
Created: 12/17/2013

Bio: If you want to join, contact Angel Bob
We are always looking for new members

Clan Leader: Angel Bob

time lord recruiter: Angel Bob
Council Member: The Cyber-Controller
Council Member: Praetor Skitarii
Council Member: Josh C
Council Member: looking for council members
Council Member: looking for council members
(Please contact Angel Bob if you want to be on the council)

Laws of Gallifrey:
1) Must be respectful to other clan members
2) Must not back-stab, lie or deceive other clan members
3) Higher level Time Lords are encouraged to participate in training lower level players
4) Council Members are replaced on every other Solstice
5)Time Lord Recruiter, and 5 other members
6)If you are inactive for 45 days you will be removed from the clan
7)If you are kicked out you can send a message to the recruiter to ask to join again

Clan Member Title
Jazz It Up Time Lord
Tazzastan Time Lord
Clementine Time Lord
.Malc Time lord
Cobra Time Lord
Ben_Kem Time Lord
Grey Poupon Time Lord
adfkjvbdaüfvbaovbnaofvbna Time Lord
Bean Time Lord
The Cyber-Controller (Retired) The Cyber-Controller
josh c Time Lord Leader
Angel Bob Time Lord
Praetor Skitarii Time Lord Recruiter
Sir Peeeeeeter The Guardian
Leslie Knope Time Lord
strax Time Lord
Neyms Time Lord
Cam the not-so-great Time Lord
hailstorm324 The Thinker
DukeofWar Time Lord
Timothy Warren Time Lord
Dr Who 5000
Van Lån Hin Time Lord
Cavin Time Lord