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Clan: [FFA]

Number of members: 1
Tagline: Teamwork is a catchphrase for children
Created: 12/10/2020

Bio: [FFA] is closer to a distinction than to a clan.

This was not founded in the hopes of creating a massive community of super active players, but rather to give a home to mostly multiday lone wolves out there without a clan due to their lack of desire to either socialize, get involved or play team games.

Team games are cancerous, as they are a dilution of what the dream team could be — A team comprised of the solo best player.
The #1 player in the world matched in a team with the #2 player in the world makes for a #1.5 team in the world. This is not a high enough standard for us.

Though playing team games is certainly not encouraged, it is allowed, just like believing that cyborg unicorn cows are the rulers of the universe is allowed (which is absurd, as the universe only bends to the will of a consortium comprised of Nicolas Cage, Chuck Norris and Winnie-the-Pooh).

Clan only open to ELITE LEVEL players. This criteria is arbitrarily, statistically or pragmatically judged by myself, Poulin, and myself only.
You will need to prove yourself to make yourself worthy of the [FFA] crest.
Feel free to contact me to apply nonetheless, but don't cry if you get reality-checked.

High level clan FFA games and tournaments are a future option.

Collusion among clan members in FFA games is strictly forbidden, unless allowed by game's rules (through allowed PM or scenario settings). It's not as if we needed to cheat to win games.

If you see a fellow clan member in a game, you better go hard rather than easy on him, because your honor is at stake.

Know that being part of this clan is actually a disadvantage. The showing of our elite FFA status will definitely put a target on our backs and foreheads. We strive for disadvantages like this because games are too easy otherwise.

Join at your own risk.

You'd better fear us whether you're a part of the clan or not. Facing an [FFA] crested member WILL destroy your FFA winrates.

Clan Member Title
Poulin FFA God