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Clan: The Relentless Hordes of Shambling Corps

Number of members: 38
Tagline: To the left, to the left, to the left, left, left!
Created: 6/22/2020

Bio: The Relentless Hordes of Shambling Corps (no, it's not misspelled, think about it) is a team for laid back, no pressure players. All we ask is that if you join a game with your fellow relentless shamblers, that you do not abandon them.

You get out this clan what you put into this clan. Participate in more games and gain ranks, or just remain a lowly shambler if you like. It's up to you.

Clan Member Title
BlackRose DotFM
JCA 14 Shambler
Becky Shambler
unicycle warrior Shambler
Zarina Caterina Shambler
Tony Shambler
I'm OK Shambler
Ale Franco Shambler
Trashcant Shambler
terwilliger LLC
ET717 Shambler
Michael Morales Shambler
bobwoco Shambler
Ækron Ulmerias Shambler
Viktor Mallagant MotRH
Tex Shambler
Raven Shambler
ThinMargin DotFM
TenSlightlyConfusedElderlyGoats Shambler
FiftyDeadPenguins Shambler
Artuzio Shambler
David Shambler
Freddy the Fuck-Up Shambler
Sorpresina_baby Shambler
EauBear Shambler
Chocopool Shambler
Il Verga Shambler
OligarchMagic Shambler
Spastik Shambler
Zelvin Shambler
Dave Shambler
mattmanh42 Shambler
Glue Shambler
Mythopia Shambler
Valerion Shambler
Architect of Olympus Shambler
niblet Shambler