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Clan: Warzone Evolved

Number of members: 7
Tagline: Home of the Evolving Map Series
Created: 6/19/2020

Bio: Welcome! This is the Clan Page for the "Warzone Evolved" Clan!

We host many types of RP and Diplomacy Games, but usually themed around our signature "Evolving Map" concept.

The "Evolving Map" concept is a multi part game, where the cities you build and the RP actions you take, will effect the Maps Bonuses in the following Part!

We usually play games with a 36 Hour Turn Time, expecting players to make 1 turn per day, with a little room for a different log in time.

There are many Games already going, and more to come soon!

Members will have early access to joining these games before they are open to the public!

This is our Ranking System


■Arbiter (Clan Leader)

■Justiciar (Officer)

■Templar (Veteran Member)

■Crusader (Active Member)

■Paladin (Member)

■Recruit (New Member)

Clan Member Title
Glacierheart Arbiter
Nisshoku Recruit
Xaen Recruit
Faithbringer Recruit
costolette Recruit
Inquisitor Recruit