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Clan: Young Money Cash Money Billionaires

Number of members: 3
Tagline: YMCMB
Created: 11/6/2013

Bio: So yeah idk even know yet...just started this so i could put a symbol beside my name lol, and so i can find a 2v2's/3v3's partner.

Whatever, I guess i'll start with Requirements:

1)You Play To Win and have some what of the stats to back it up...either way if your on my team were most likely going to win anyway, so i guess I don't really care about them-I enjoy the challenge of carrying the team.

Yep so that's the only "Requirement".

If you want to join or even better if your looking for a 2's or 3's partner just message me.

Clan Member Title
King Krab Head Goblin
Tunechi President
Reach4ThaBeach Vice President