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Clan: Lanta Snake Group

Number of members: 4
Link: https://tinyurl.com/y9r3kgh4
Tagline: 🐍
Created: 4/30/2020

Bio: This is a private clan.

Only if you are a Lanta Snake may you join the Lanta Snake Group.

🐍 Lanta Snake Group has their headquarters at malee beach.

🐍 Lanta Snake Group takes the tuk tuk to town.

🐍 Lanta Snake Group drink shinga.

🐍 Lanta Snake Group has the best trick-shots in the world.

🐍 Lanta Snake Group always tips at Pattys Secret Garden.

🐍 Lanta Snake Group enjoy life.

If you have any questions you cannot ask them because you should already know the answer.

Clan Member Title
Swamp Darner Snekromancer Overlor
Snek Seducer Snek Seducer
NotCasual Snek Novice
Magical Lamp Little Snek