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Clan: Oblivion

Number of members: 0
Link: https://discord.gg/NgcM4J7
Tagline: We're all here to have fun!
Created: 4/26/2020

Bio: Welcome to the clan page of Oblivion!

We are a tight-knit group of players from all over the world. What brought us together is the common goal to build a clan with nice people, no drama, no clan politics, & to grow together as a clan.

Oblivion is always looking for new members to grow our community. New members must fit our standards and fit in well with existing members.

What we look for:
- Low boot rates. We don't have a specific number to stay under but we would love to see single digits
- Teamwork. This means working as a team to achieve the objective, don't surrender unless talking it over with your teammates first.
- Have fun! At the end of the day warzone is just a game we are all here to have fun so feel free to join our discord (Anteiku) & have some fun with us

Interested in joining?
Contact Abaddon by private message or discord (Abaddon#0666) for an invite

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