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Clan: PKU58ers

Number of members: 16
Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peking_University
Tagline: Patriotism, Progress, Democracy, and Science
Created: 4/15/2020

Bio: PKU58ers is a clan made up of players from Peking University(PKU), and it's also open to the whole community!

Maps made by our members:

1. "Peking Univesity" made by Sang

2. "Football Pitch: 433 vs 352" made by John Zou

3. "Ancient China: Three Kingdoms" made by Arsene Wenger

Clan Member Title
Arsene Wenger Le Professeur
John Zou Bo
Sang Five
Hao Skyfxxker
Linfeng Luo The President
Bruce Yang zAo
KevinSchmeichel Pigeon
Edward CHEUNG Grandfather
Cuhui Gray
ZicoNg Poison Milk
Zeeham Lim
IanWalls Pot
Minghao Luo
Bean Wang