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Clan: The Crimson Corsairs

Number of members: 12
Tagline: Avast ye! Lest ye get the black spot!
Created: 1/21/2020

Bio: Good day, my fine Warzone player!

We are the Crimson Corsairs, a clan of friendly Warzoners. We have competitive and casual players, and everything in between. We play by the pirate code; don't mess with your crew, no mutinies, and the right of parley.

There are many clans out there with different conditions and play styles, tournaments and assorted gimmicks. What we offer is a slightly pirate-y Warzone chat, an open discord server and a (somewhat) enthusiastic community.

Many clans also ask for their members to be a certain level, or have a certain win rate or a certain boot rate. Not us. We're open and ready to accept anyone and everyone who wishes to join. We are currently looking for more buccaneers to join our ranks to terrorise (not really :) ) the seas of Warzone (and help each other learn through practice matches).

We offer free and paid coin games occasionally (to share out the booty), although as part of our nature as pirates and privateers, there are no set dates or guaranteed games and it pretty much happens as we go along.

If you want to join, send mail to either Not Your Username or Papa Reubs and you should get a response whenever they roll out of bed and put away the rum (A.K.A. within a few days).

Other than that, have fun, party hard, and never let others boss you around.

Our Discord link is only available to clan members of the Crimson Corsairs.

Clan Member Title
Ceyx Surgeon
Coromandel Madras
Not Your Username Captain
Papa_Reubs First Mate
Ketto Sailing Master
Andor Quartermaster