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Clan: The Henko Corporation

Number of members: 20
Tagline: We came; we saw; we KICKED ITS ASS!!!
Created: 8/18/2019

Bio: We, the miserable masses, have done so much, with so little, for SO LONG, we can now do anything, with Nothing, FOREVER!

Clan Member Title
kill1111 Clan Boss
BumbleBee :)
DomN8R (The CHEEZINATOR) Demon C.D.O.Cheese Officer
Fletch Chevy Chase Stand In
Drayven Clan Chef
Jokester Clan Jokester lol
Wombat Zookeeper
agent009 Double-0 Agent
Magnus Apollo
T_eRRor Henchman
Napoleon buonaparte Spanish Inquisitor
Turkmen Drill Sargent
Blue Falcon Diplomat
Ride Driver and Sniper
Kevin The Sea Cucumber Admiral Cucumber
Historical Idiot 2nd Chance General
Hyped_Taco Taco Provider
The Earl of Sandwich (Henko Montagu) Earl (and President)
S1X The Crypt Keeper
Janvrin New Recruit