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Clan: The Henko Corporation

Number of members: 33
Tagline: We came; we saw; we KICKED ITS ASS!!!
Created: 8/18/2019

Bio: We, the miserable masses, have done so much, with so little, for SO LONG, we can now do anything, with Nothing, FOREVER! WE---ARE---THE---ONE!!!



Clan Member Title
Zazzlegut 3rd in Command
Squibbles 4th in Command
El steveo XIII Captain
Fletch Chevy Chase Stand In
DomN8R (The CHEEZINATOR) Demon C.D.O.Cheese Officer
kill1111 H.R. Department
the Donkey Clan Strategist
Donspaghetti Mafia Boss
Drayven 2nd In Command
Turkmen 🇹🇲 Drill Sargent
T_eRRor Henchman
Magnus Apollo Lt. Commander
Wombat Zookeeper
Alaric Sports Writer
j.E.b Dealer of...cards!
Commander SRW Transfer from 501st
Jokester Clan Jokester lol
agent009 3rd in Command
Blue Falcon Diplomat
Historical Idiot Last Chance Admiral
Mr.Oof New Recruit
Bushmaster New Recruit
Fine then New Recruit
Ride Driver and Sniper
Kevin The Sea Cucumber Admiral Cucumber
Hyped_Taco Taco Provider
Patriot311 Clan Scholar
SirSeanConnery James Bond 007
Cheese 2nd Cook
AngstyCanuck The Puck of Doom
Hen K.O. Pizza Clan Seer/Leader
SE7EN [S1X] The Crypt Keeper
Janvrin New Recruit