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Clan: Deutsches Afrikakorps

Number of members: 8
Tagline: The Korps shall last forever, long live the Korps!
Created: 7/17/2018

Bio: We are more than a clan, we are family. Message the Leader of the Korps for membership.

•Preferably a low Boot Rate
•Friendly and respectful players only
•Competition is encouraged

In 1941 the Afrikakorps was born, few in number their elite troops pushed much more powerful British forces back until 1943 when they were pushed out of Africa by Americans, Canadians, and British troops. This clan is that Elite.

Clan Member Title
For Pony!!! Staff Sergeant
Big Louie Leader of the Korps
Mauro Sergeant
Luftwaffe Major
archadiace Sergeant 1st Class
Kara Lieutenant
Jessie Kelly