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Clan: The Senate

Number of members: 17
Tagline: We are the Senate
Created: 5/22/2018

Bio: In honour of his supreme and unlimited power, we, a clan of loyalists support and uphold the values instilled by his greatness, Emperor Sheev Palpatine. It is customary to pay homage to our supreme Dark Lord of the Sith, in ways of quotation and Star Wars meme. Any who denounce the Dark Lord shall be silenced, and in doing so, removed from The Senate. All senators of said dark order, shall respect the wishes and unlimited power of whomever holds the title of the Supreme Chancellor, and similarly, pay respect to he who holds the title Vice Chair. To be considered a high ranking member, one can move up from the title of 'Senator' to 'Elder Senator', and then 'Bureaucrat' as the highest rank for a member. Should ever the power of the Supreme Chancellor be threatened, the Senate, shall be reorganised into the first, galactic, empire... for safe, and secure, society. Once more the Sith shall rule the galaxy... And we shall have, peace.

Clan Member Title
Tanmay Bagree Senator
Falzo Elder Senator
Ollie Elder Senator
JC. Senator
Beth Elder Senator
Fool Zonto Vice Chair
Owlfelicis Elder Senator
Lord Nyoi Supreme Chancellor
The Earth Queen Senator
The Fire Nation Senator
1470jobro Elder Senator
BigC Senator
sjohn525 Elder Senator
The Lady Senator
Ben Vanderbyl Senator
The Duck Senator