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Clan: Europa Unitum

Number of members: 34
Link: https://discord.gg/ah6Bp6a
Tagline: Welcome to United Europe
Created: 5/8/2018

Bio: Europa Unitum

We seek to become the greatest clan ever by uniting Europeans wherever they live.

We focus on team-games and 1v1.

We prefer highly skilled players, but we are not against training players with huge potential.

Requirements to join:
- Be an European (binding)
- Boot rate <= 10%
- Min 50% win rate in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3
- Be active! (very important)
- Join our discord; https://discord.gg/ah6Bp6a
- No alts
- Trial game with one of our members

Fun facts:
- Currently we have members from Romania, Germany, Ukraine, Portugal, Poland, Macedonia, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, Albania, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Czechia, Serbia.
- EU (created on May 2018) is the biggest newest clan created since September 2016
- More to follow.

Contact IRiseYouFall in order to join or for anything else.

Thank you for considering us and have fun!

P.S We have nothing to do with politics. This clan is only about warlight!

Clan Member Title
closed acount Inner 40
Gibs Inner 33
Manscherle Inner 35
Santos Inner 20
Emprovi Inner 26
Mortiis Inner 15
InspektorS Inner 18
guesa Inner 29
Miles Edgeworth Inner 8
NCO Inner 17
IRiseYouFall Inner 2
Sebastian Lundberg Inner 30
[NL] Lucky Light Inner 26
AnusDestroyer Inner 31
Antoine Nikévomères Inner 16
[NL] Goldtank Inner 28
Patrick_the_destroyer Inner 15
MasterPitt Inner 43
Hillary Clinton Inner 8
交大ARMY-西安 Inner 32
Jack Inner 42
Venus Angelic Inner 39
ADHDnl Inner 39
Veritas Inner 28
chewgammie Inner 26
Toitoc86 Inner 10
Condebuker88 Inner 37
panas Inner 36
Karzo Inner 34
Donald Trumpet Senior Inner 19
aloas Inner 22
Furjoza Inner 13
Halfios Inner 44
Bossko Inner 45