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Clan: Free And Accepted Masons

Number of members: 7
Tagline: We are free and accepted Masons.
Created: 4/28/2018

Bio: If you are a Freemason you are welcome to join as a brother. If you are not a Freemason you are also welcome to join and learn about the brotherhood. If you are a Freemason state the lodge name, city, and number. If you are not a Freemason and wish to learn the Masonic brothers in your region would love to teach you. This clan does not do Politics nor takes sides, it is merely a Brotherhood of Brother wishing to better enlighten themselves and play some Risk!!!!!

Clan Member Title
Seva Peshehonov Worshipful Master 33
BanditKeith69 Entered Apprentice 1
Felafnir Entered Apprentice 1
CorJedi Entered Apprentice 1
Berboll Entered Apprentice 1