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Clan: Sloppyfatginger Fan Club

Number of members: 3
Link: https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=6235110640
Tagline: You need to take your shirt off.
Created: 3/19/2018

Bio: The sloppyfatginger fan club is a group of enthusiasts of the GOAT, sloppyfatginger. We strive on making our game play center on sloppyfatginger and anything he has created.

-players must play shirtless
-alts are allowed only if they are slutty.
-every event and nickname must be inspired by sloppy,

Sloppy's Maps

Official Clan Map

Sloppy's achievements
-1st in the 3v3 Ladder-
-4th on the Real-Time Ladder-
-8th on the 2v2 Ladder-
-14th on the MDL-
-24th on the 1v1 Ladder-
-58th on the Seasonal Ladder-
-2 Time Map of the Week Winner-
-Being better than Xeno-

We do plan on playing in Clan League as well.

Clan Member Title
Geddy Knee sloppystab
A dead alt never dies sloppyT