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Clan: The RoR Community

Number of members: 7
Link: https://www.warzone.com/Map/6618-Rise-Rome
Tagline: Join if you love Rise of Rome!!!
Created: 1/5/2018

Bio: The RoR community is a clan that was started by avid RoR player Venus Angelic as an attempt to gather together RoR players to show appreciation for arguably the most popular and best team map on Warlight/Warzone. We are a relaxed clan with a love of Rise of Rome!

Feel free to invite us to Rise of Rome tournaments!


Upon joining this clan, you gain access to our forum and exclusive in-game chat. Within our forum, Rise of Rome tips and tricks will be posted to strengthen, teach, and improve players in the clan, so you can improve easily if you read our forums!

Message cutey pie kawaii if you would like to join; however, in order to join this clan there are a few light requirements that must be met because I will not accept just any player. These requirements are as follows:

1: All recruits must be willing to work as a team with his or her partners.

2: All recruits must have a boot rate below 20%.

3: All recruits must have a 3v3 win rate no less than 40%.

Activity is not extremely important, so if you join this clan you do not have to fear being removed if your life suddenly becomes hectic and busy.

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