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Clan: Atlantean Empire

Number of members: 19
Tagline: Atlantean Empire arises from ancient ashes
Created: 11/3/2017

Bio: We are Atlanteans,
anyone who feel like ancient Atlanteans
is free to join!!!

but here are following rules:
1 Don't join if U don't have time
2 Don't join if U have big boot rate
3 Help to the Atlanteans in every game U play, no matter
it is diplo, pure skill FFA or team game.
4 Always concult strategy of claiming territory before game start
5 Consult every move / transfer / atack / reinforcement card use
6 Faight to the end even if chances are small
7 Try to forecast actions of our enemies
8 Faight for Great and Free Atlantean Empire

Clan Member Title
Noha Legionist
Cienki Bolek Legionist
scaenicus Legionist
LuisSilva Legionist
Atlantino Imperator
Sortis Legionist
Napoleon Legionist
FishSlayer Legionist
King of derp Legionist
Nordic Empire Legionist
Lolkaibolka Legionist
ExpMan Legionist
Biis Legionist
Bolster Legionist
nelo Legionist
OnyxOcelot Legionist
Olanda Legionist
Minionmaster Legionist
Nibbayougay Legionist