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Clan: Atlantean Empire

Number of members: 2
Tagline: Atlantean Empire arises from ancient ashes
Created: 11/3/2017

Bio: We are Atlanteans,
anyone who feel like ancient Atlanteans
is free to join!!!

but here are following rules:
1 Don't join if U don't have time
2 Don't join if U have big boot rate
3 Help to the Atlanteans in every game U play, no matter
it is diplo, pure skill FFA or team game.
4 Always concult strategy of claiming territory before game start
5 Consult every move / transfer / atack / reinforcement card use
6 Faight to the end even if chances are small
7 Try to forecast actions of our enemies
8 Faight for Great and Free Atlantean Empire

Clan Member Title
Atlantino Imperator