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Clan: The Empire of Tamriel

Number of members: 13
Tagline: For the Empire!
Created: 9/24/2017

Bio: The Empire of Tamriel is a diplomacy clan founded by OnlyThePie. All are welcome, though it is recommended you apply with a bootrate below 50%. The Empire is run by an Emperor, who is assisted by the High Councilor and the Grand Council in general. You can talk to any of these people, listed below, to join the clan. Much of our daily activity will be run out of our discord, which you can find the invite to upon joining. Upon joining, you will choose a race. This has little effect on your actual activity, it just helps us organize things, and is a fun thing to do. Long live the Empire! (Note: You DO NOT need to be familiar with Elder Scrolls Lore to join, it's just the theme, though you might have more to talk about with us if you do. Or you can learn from us!)

Emperor: OnlyThePie
High Councilor: Vacant
High King of Skyrim: Vacant
Mane of Elsweyr: Vacant
King of Alinor: Vacant
Archon of Vvardenfell: Vacant

Clan Member Title
Japanball Breton Peasant
The Original Tom Quinn
{N.W.} MagicMan Imperial Soldier
OnlyThePie Emperor
A qdaavj
Emperor Justinian Khajit Peasant
The Great Overlord Cheese
[ΑΘΕ] Pericles
X_Eaglefrost_X Imperial Peasant
VoxMortem Imperial Soldier
DukeGrav Redguard Soldier
Temptress Dunmer Peasant