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Clan: Jaguar Warriors

Number of members: 12
Link: https://www.warriorsandlegends.com/aztec-warriors/
Created: 9/13/2017

Bio: Casual clan based off the ancient Aztec military.

I mostly play World War II team games and Scrabble No Base Income FFA.

Currently recruiting and looking for active players to be officers.

Leadership and Roles

Commander in Chief (Huey Tlatoani)
Prime Minister and Second in Command (Cihuacoatl)
Chief (Cuauhtlahtoh)
Commanding General (Tlacateccatl)
General (Tlacochcalcatl)

Shorn Ones (Cuauhchicqueh): The uppermost warrior who had to capture many enemies and perform many brave acts in battle (lvl 51+)
Mighty Warrior (Otontin): Who would have to capture five or six enemies (lvl 41-50)
Eagle Jaguar (Cuauhtlocelotl): A fearsome warrior who had taken four captives (lvl 31-40)
Warrior 1st Class (Papalotl): Who had taken three captives (lvl 21-30)
Warrior 2nd Class (Cuextecatl): Who had taken two captives (lvl 11-20)
Commoner (Tlamani): Who had taken one captive (lvl 6-10)

Porter (Tlamemeh): Who carries weapons and supplies (lvl 1-5)

Please message Arvel Crynyd if interested in joining.

Clan Member Title
Arvel Crynyd Commander in Chief
yummydagod Prime Minister
Andrew Sladky Chief
Goose General
Basil2 Eagle Jaguar
Bluespirit Eagle Jaguar
Arcu Eagle Jaguar
Wedge Antilles Warrior 1st Class
The triumphant taco Warrior 1st Class
Pitty Pat Warrior 1st Class
Ser Bobby Hill Warrior 1st Class
Jyn Erso Porter