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Clan: Teutonic Knights

Number of members: 19
Link: https://discord.gg/bRchSZU
Tagline: Active Multi-Day & Real-Time Clan
Created: 8/14/2017

Bio: ↑ Click the Discord link above to join our community.

If you are interested in joining, please message GooeyPanda65 or let us know in our discord

Members are expected to:
- Be active
- Be a team player and communicate
- Join us on Discord

Some benefits to joining:
- You have players to play with quickly
- You get to be a part of a friendly community of players
- You get the chance to learn and improve
- Constant Clan Tournaments
- Custom ranking tags of your choosing

Some Symbols:
✵ - Clan Tournament Win
✯ - 5 Clan Tournament Wins
✪ - 10 Clan Tournament Wins
✮ - 50 Clan Tournament Wins
♚ - 100 Clan Tournament Wins

Clan Member Title
Warkak [Knight] ✵
Nikhilesh Chakraborty [Knight]
GryffindorLab [Knight]
lovrohrkac [Marschall] ✵✵
BROkenMirror [Knight]
Mike_Honcho [Knight]
happyhiho [Knight]
Jayne Cobb [Knight]
KaiserChief [Knight]
L00rz [Knight]
BarrelGang The Warmonger [Knight]
wallenstein [Knight]
TaskingCorn7947 [Knight]
Theempire51 [Knight]
Tyler stephens [Knight]
ColtSmith12Z [Knight]
Programming Robot [Knight]
Karen Bittner [Knight]