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Clan: Holy League of Diplomacy Players (HLoDP)

Number of members: 6
Link: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/diplomacy
Tagline: All for diplomacy and diplomacy for all!
Created: 1/18/2017

Bio: Welcome one and all to the Holy League of Diplomacy Players (HLoDP) home page.
Below you will find all of our members listed with their ranks, please notice that a ten day absence will mean getting booted so all members below are active.

We are recruiting,if joining this clan interests you then please contact The Saviour or Fionnlagh The Panda.

Our clan will be divided into Duchies. Each Duchy will be comprised of 5 diplomats including the Duke, the Leader of the Duchy who will sign you up for tournaments. If you wish to join a specific Duchy or become the Duke of a Duchy please contact Fionnlagh the Panda. Your request will be reviewed and you will most probably be welcomed in (unless the Duchy is full).

ATM some members of the clan are taking part in Iamtaller's Multigame diplo, a network of diplomacy games all connected to one another. Go ahead and check it out it's really cool.

Duchies: (No duchies currently)

If you have any questions feel free to contact anyone in the clan.

Clan Member Title
Fionnlagh the Panda Head Diplomat
The Saviour Diplomat
Account123 Diplomat