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Clan: Nova Scotia

Number of members: 28
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIwzRkjn86w
Tagline: "One defends the other conquers"
Created: 7/24/2016

Bio: This is a clan Representing the Province of Nova Scotia. This clan is open to all Nova Scotia Residents, those who reside within the British Commonwealth and for those who want to join and can tell me what the commonwealth is.

For an invite contact: The Premier

Clan Member Title
Vanlock Quartermaster
RAM_86 Highland Ram
FenianDog Governor General
Smith Master
Josh Chief Constable
The Premier Head of State
jimmy1987 Chief Alchemist
Cape Breton Inpatient
Nova Scotia Privateer
Joe Howe Lt. Governor
Obi Wobi Highlander
Sam Slick Clockmaker
armytad sergeant at arms
Captain Highlander
Retired Ricky
John Cheese Master of the Horse
outlaw Alchemist
KingWar Lord-Commander
Sgt.Beefcock Alchemist
Kriegshäuptling Chief Diplomat
FetterNIco Highlander
Johnny Time Corporal
DutchPride Admiral
svs2406 Highlander
p Highlander
olga from rossiya Keeper of the Swans
FutureDonuts Alchemist