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Clan: Felidae

Number of members: 2
Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felidae
Tagline: We are the Cats! =^.^=
Created: 5/30/2016

Bio: (Clan image courtesy of gameanna at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What is Felidae?

We are a friendly group of cat-loving Warlight players. If you like cats please join us! Meow! :3

Can I join Felidae?

Yes if you love cats, do not commit crimes or induce people to commit crimes here and do not promote unreasonable views you are welcome to and should join Felidae! Remember cats are individualists who do not discriminate based on breed, gender, etc nor do they force other cats to conform! (And cats are never terrorists you know) =^.^=

If you satisfy the conditions above please message Chatul. If you already have a clan and wish to stay there you should make an alt and join us with one of the accounts. We wish to gather most cat-lovers on Warlight here since this is our natural home on Warlight.

Who run Felidae?

Tabby and pyrokitty007 are managers.=^.^=

What does Felidae offer?

We currently have our Felidae P/R Leagues and the Alliance of Feline and Cat-Loving Warlighters chat. More events are coming! :3

Which clans are allied to Felidae?

Well we have three perpetual allies, Cats, The Juggernauts Clan and Miezekatze Hunters. We are also on good terms with the Cacaocian Empire and Fifth Column Confederation which may be upgraded to a perpetual ally. We wish to get along with Hawks, Blitz, 101st, Lynx, Outlaws, Poons, EIC etc as well. We are willing to get along with every clan that does not oppose our philosophy.:3

Tentative divisions:
1.Panthera, our strategic division, subdivided into Lions, Tigers and Leopards.
2.Lynx, our role play division.
3.Acynonyx, our cartographic division, also known as Cheetahs.
4.Puma, our division of new ideas.
5.Felis, our division of governance, subdivided into Catus, Silvestris, Margarita.

Felidae P/R Leagues are open to all cats and Cats regardless of clan membership.
Winner of Season 1: Cata Cauda =^.^=

Clan Member Title
Pyrokitty007 Vice Chief of Catus
Travelling Lemon