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Clan: The Mafia

Number of members: 3
Tagline: Laughs makes us friends, Blood makes us Family
Created: 2/4/2016

Bio: About The Mafia

-The Mafia is a Mafia-themed clan that uses a Hierarchy system to run the clan. The Mafia is a RP/Diplo based clan, but accepts others. You start as Associate, you can rank up. The Boss= King Lundy

Mail Lundy to join

The Hierarchy:

-Associate: You are a newcomer for the Mafia and will be tested to see if you are loyal to the Mafia and to ensure you ain't a Rat. Not part of the Family yet. Must prove yourself to Rank up. Must Listen to all Higher Ranks' orders.

-Soldier: You are a little more experienced than an Associate and you also proven yourself enough to be officially part of The Family. Yet you are still not yet proven enough to not be watched for being a Rat. You must listen to Higher Ranks' orders.

-Capo: You have proven your loyalty and officially deemed not a Rat. You out-rank both Soldier and Associate and may give them orders, but nothing that goes against higher ranks' Orders or the rules also can't go against Higher Ranks, orders must be reasonable. You are also to listen to higher Ranks' orders.

-Underboss: You are second-in-command and only the Boss outranks you. You can order all lower Ranks around, but it can't go against Clan Rules or The Boss and his Orders and also must be reasonable. You are to follow The Boss's Orders. *His order goes above all*

*Consigliere: A special adviser to The Boss. Only outranked by The Underboss and Boss, but only has to follow orders from the Boss. Can order all ranks below Underboss.

-The Boss: He is in-charge of everyone inside the Mafia. He can order any Position around. What he says goes, he is to be fair to the lower-ranks and to solve Disputes as well as Rule breakage, in which he shall Punish accordingly.


1. Do not go PE and if the majority wishes to VTE, VTE.
2. Do not get excessively Booted or break any Official Warlight Rules
3. Follow the orders from Higher-ranked Officials
4. Do not go Inactive for over 2 weeks, without warning


1. Boot Rate below 30%
2. Level 15+
3. Minimum of 20 days of playing

Clan Member Title
King Lundy The Boss
MoD lover ❤️