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Clan: The Mafia

Number of members: 1
Tagline: What we do, We do for the Family.
Created: 2/4/2016

Bio: Hierarchy and Set up of the Clan:

- The Leader of the Clan. Has the final say in disputes and Clan issues. In charge of the Underboss and everyone under him. Head of the "family Council". Chooses his Capos and Underboss.

- Second in command. Right hand man to the Boss. Directly in charge of the Capos, soldiers, and associates. Senior member of the Council

- Direct supervisors of soldiers and associates. An official member of the Family Council. Gets to vote on clan issues in the Family Council.

- Main members of the clan/family. Reports to Capos, above Associates. Will be assigned to a Capo.

- New Members of the clan, members will be associates for the first two weeks, then it will be decided if they will be promoted to soldier.

**Family Council Info**
- Responsible for trying any members who have been accused of breaking rules.
- Makes new rules and has the power to remove rules.
- Can decide on whether or not to remove soldiers and associates from the clan.
- Debate issues within the clan. Can also Mediate arguments between players.
- The Boss is head of the Family Council.
- As such, The Boss has VETO power, but can be overruled with 75% vote.
- Rest of members are either a "Senior Member" or "Junior Member".
- Senior members get 2 votes instead of 1.
- Senior Members include the Underboss and long time Capos.
- Junior Members include most Capos.
- Can request The Boss to promote certain players.

1. Do not go PE and if the majority wishes to Vote to end, then you should VTE.
2. Do not break any Official WarZone Rules
3. Follow the orders from Higher-ranked Officials
4. Do not go Inactive for over 2 weeks, without warning
5. Be Respectful and treat others kindly.

1. Level 15+
2. Minimum of 20 days of playing

Clan Member Title
King Lundy The Boss