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Clan: [UN] United Nations

Number of members: 12
Tagline: "It's your World"
Created: 9/30/2013

Bio: From the Ashes, gave birth to heaven.

After the creation of the United Nations,
After the Golden Era of Chesire's Presidency,
After the rise of the Dictator Marksman,
After the fall of the Clan,
After the foundation of CORP and the LN,
We have retaken the UN,
And so this shall be our final resting place.

Clan Member Title
KD3 Italy
[LN]Il Principe
8th Road Army China
FrancoPadini United States
Komrade Karl Chad
Aerburne Japan
[LN] BML0309
[UN] Chun Awaiting Nation
LID919 Canada
Hunter Germany
[LN][EU] The Prussian Awaiting Nation
[UN]Kyger Russia