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Clan: High Kings

Number of members: 11
Tagline: Stay High, For The Feeling, and the relief..
Created: 10/28/2015

Bio: The High Kings are a group of competitive Warlight players who seek to enhance their skills primarily in 1v1 and team games.

Expectations of Members:

-Participate in the ladder
-Be Regularly Active
-Work well with others
-Win for High Kings
-Play Clan Tournaments with the Public
-And try win some coins xP

If you wish to apply to and become a High King you must meet the following criteria:

- minimum 200 ranked games
- maximum 10% boot rate
- prior participation in a ladder or CLOT
- >45% winrate in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3
- Lastly, please set-up a game with SovereignJHG50

Clan Member Title
SovereignJHG50 ♛King Sov
Master MB (Retired♛)
medvet King Cautious
Chinchompaz ♛King Chomp
can-nac King Can-It
anoop King LDU
pitty boy King Pitty
Vault Dweller King VD
daswagakid the Swaga King