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Clan: SkypeWarriors

Number of members: 7
Link: http://skypewarriors.clanwebsite.com/
Tagline: We are the Skype Warriors
Created: 9/22/2015

Bio: This is a clan for people who want to Skype.
We believe that everyone on Warlight is one big family in a way...
We all need to be close and happy with no haters...
There for we suggest Skype, an easy way to converse and become better friends...
This clan is not mandatory, you do not have to join, but being part of the clan is a good extra. You can contact the Admins and ask them to add you.
Please join our Skype chats!
Thank you
Friendly Regards
The Admins

If you want to join the Skype chat, private message [UN]SawyerS1

If you want to join the clan website, go to the link higher up

Also if you are interested in what games we play... We play any. Just write in chat what game you want to play and multiple people will say "Add me" or words to that effect...

Clan Member Title
Grey Wolf
MC Jardizzle AfroLord
Oli's Deadly Squad