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Clan: Cornovii

Number of members: 5
Tagline: 'Th on onan hag oll rag Kernow!
Created: 6/22/2015

Bio: Named for the ancient clan that inhabited the far South West regions of England, the Cornovii later gave their name to the region.

You don't have to live in Cornwall to join the Cornovii but you do have the live by our standards. We live life at a pace that most people enjoy only on holiday but should you stir us up you will find out what it means to us to defend our land and lifestyle.

The Cornovii are proud of their homeland, traditions, brothers and sisters and all these will be defended to the end.

Clan Member Title
Victor-y Globe Trotter
Tom Swinge Import
Donaldrenio Den Kernewek
Shaun994 No.1 Recruit
Rhys Tourist