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Clan: The Dudes

Number of members: 16
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYsw0KVRjCM
Tagline: The Dude abides
Created: 9/26/2013

Bio: Dudeists of the world unite!


We are just a very small clan of independent Dudes, and we intend to keep it this way.

Members of The Dudes:
1) have to be a Dude
2) need to have fun playing Warlight
3) need to have a supreme teamspirit, in fact all of us always agree about game strategy ;-) teamspirit includes transferring if needed, giving advice, pointing out capital mistakes, teaching each other, everything that can help the team to win the game(s) ...
4) have to TRY to take it easy under any condition, even when losing a game (which may be very hard for some of you in particular, sometimes)...
5) must never take themselves TOO serious
6) need to have a minimum win rate of 51,23% for 2v2 & 3v3 games (& for the total of all ranked games in general)

Although we try to take it easy all the time,
us Dudes can get slightly irritated and feel the strong urge to blacklist other players:
1) for surrendering on their own, without consulting the other team members first
2) for dragging on a game they obviously lost (when in fact they should surrender...)
3) for booting even before all players committed and joined the game. Us dudes can easily wait 10 minutes, even when the boot time is set on 5 minutes ;-)
4) and of course for booting or attacking your own teammates...

So beware, because the Dude abides!

Always feel free to fight us.
But NEVER forget to scratch your balls!

Clan Member Title
Dude Aggri Der Deutsche
TheOldDude - retired -
The Dev Dude The backdoor man
The Right Dude The Big Boss
The Left Dude The revolutionary
The Baby Dude our youngest
The Lost Dude The Big Loss
The Rude Dude The unpopular
The Deadly Dude The Master of Death
TheDurianDude The stinky one
The Happy Dude The monk
The Scary Dude The ugly one
The Crazy Dude The lunatic
The Green Dude The alien
The Viral Dude The butcher
The Angry Dude The killer