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Clan: {Olympus}

Number of members: 11
Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_Olympians
Tagline: 'Χαίρετε θεοί του Ολύμπου'
Created: 3/7/2015

Bio: {Olympus} — The home of Greek Gods.

You can remain a mortal or shed a skin and become a new god (in which case you're required to change your name to reflect Olympus)!

We are currently run by an Olympus high council.

Part of being a member of the Olympus clan is being active in Warlight in general and Olympus clan games (including inter-clan games on an Olympus team).

Interested in joining: Private message Άρης, Hera, Syron, Acheron or Momus.

There are 2 regions: The Heavens (for gods) and The Temple (for mortals)!

Seriously, we are a fun loving group who likes to play together and have a good time — after all who can take themselves too seriously when they rename themselves after a Greek god. While we all want to do the best we can, becoming the “best” Warlight player ever is not our goal — we all have lives outside of the games.

We just ask:
1) That you not join a game if you can’t meet the deadline and will get booted.
2) If you decide to leave the clan, tell us all bye first.

Heavens ☁
Athena { Ἀθηνᾶ }
Μῶμος (Momus)
Nike (brenda)
SyRon (Poseidon)

Temple Ω
Captain Louis

Hera (EW)

Clan Member Title
SyRon (Poseidon) ☁Water Dragon
Acheron ☁ Tidal Terror
Hera (EW) ☁ Warrior Princess
Μῶμος (Momus) ☁ Mocking Poet
Άρης ☁ Warmonger
Captain Louis Ω Sunny Fighter
Cerberus ☁ Hades' Dog
Cognitio Ω Green curtain guy
Αλέξανδρος Ω The Great One
Nike ( Brenda ) ☁Angel of White