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Clan: Love&Hate

Number of members: 6
Tagline: One for all and All for one !
Created: 2/23/2015

Bio: Welcome to the Clan L&H. This is an old clan that have been resurrected by our captain. The name is unchangeable and a clan is not free but it's not a problem for warriors like us. Here, this is men & women who are fighting for our honnor.
What are ou beliefs ?
We believe in Bravery, in Strategy and in mutual aid.


The Lieutenant's Edit:

This clan, beautifully ressurected by our wonderful captain, NeverSurrender, has been inactive for at least 2 years. As a tribute, it remains existing, but our glory days are long gone. If anyone ever stumbles upon this, may he bows in respect for all the battles we had all this time ago and for the valiant effort of our captain to save it from oblivion.

Honor and Glory to all.

Clan Member Title
NeverSurrender <French Queen> >CAPTAIN&PRESIDENT<
Al geniz
~L&H~ Soul Thief >COUNCILLOR< [FR/EN]
Ouroboros >COUNCILLOR< [FR/EN]