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Clan: Love&Hate

Number of members: 6
Tagline: One for all and All for one !
Created: 2/23/2015

Bio: Welcome to the Clan L&H. This is an old clan that have been resurrected by our captain. The name is unchangeable and a clan is not free but it's not a problem for warriors like us. Here, this is men & women who are fighting for our honnor.
What are ou beliefs ?
We believe in Bravery, in Strategy and in mutual aid.

=<{{/Who's coming here ?\}}>=

~Active players~From every level~Whatever the games they like are~

Still, the speaking of English is necessary. Or, because we have a lot of French and Greek people, you can speak French or Greek ;)

=<{{/How do we work ?\}}>=

Here, there is two commands.
Composed by the more active players (Councillors) they vote for everything in the clan. Actually, they do lead the clan.
They elect each month a president. This one can say "No" to every types of decisions of the council. & he have to elect a military councillor & a gold councillor.
The military councillor can Fire/make officers from the military command & he can declare war to another clan.
The Gold councillor have the right to Fire every councillor he want (but not the president), he can also recruit people and ask the council if they can add another councillor.

The military command :
The Captain & the Leutnant have all powers. They obey to the Great council. In case of problem in the great council, they are the only ones who have all powers, so they can take over the government if it's becoming necessary

=<{{/Our Games ?\}}>=

Our Officers train our younger players (Less than lvl 30) and we do Squad Battles (Team games) with the other players. We have a discussion game were everyone is and receive the news from the great council (wich have a game for that too ;) ) the discussion game is where everyone can talk about wathever they want and that's where our members plan their games together.
We also want to make an big FFA for all our members and to make "wars" & "alliances" with other clans.

So, that's it I think. If you're interested or if you have any questions send a mail to the ♡captain♡ xD

Clan Member Title
NeverSurrender <French Queen> >CAPTAIN&PRESIDENT<
Al geniz
~L&H~ Soul Thief >COUNCILLOR< [FR/EN]
Ouroboros >COUNCILLOR< [FR/EN]