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Clan: Super Cute Marshmallow Gum Drop Warriors

Number of members: 16
Link: http://s15.zetaboards.com/Gumdrop_Warriors/index/
Tagline: Make America Cute Again!
Created: 1/2/2015

Bio: Gumdrop Warriors are a silly cute-themed clan started on the first of 2015. We are all about being cute! The clan has no real purpose other than to be silly and have fun! We have funny forums, and you can spam them with us. Alts are welcome, and activity isn't really necessary.

We used to play occasional FFAs and RoR games together, but lately we play Rise of Rome team games together more than FFAs. If you want to place your alt or even your main in this ridiculous cute clan you may do so.

Anyone is allowed their own custom title.

Rich Chocolate 🍫 - Old member and still active.
Swirly Pop 🍭- New Member
Aged Wine 🍷 - Old Member, no longer active.
* signifies that player is no longer active.

10/14/16 - A new beginning
8/18/18 - Rebirth of clan

Clan Member Title
Broken Rabbit Swirly Pop 🍭
Juji Rich Chocolate 🍫
Mister Aqua Swirly Pop 🍭
ohhhesocute(づ。 ‿‿ 。)づ
Obsidian Swirly Pop 🍭
Heyward Rich Chocolate 🍫
alarichCCCCXI Swirly Pop 🍭
Darth Ja'Quandre *Aged Wine 🍷
IrresoluteDolphin (◦ ⥽◦) Swirly Pop 🍭
Griffin Stormwater *Aged Wine 🍷
Queen Ultraviolence *Aged Wine 🍷
Squirtles Wet Dream 💦
Stone Cold Steve Austin *Aged Wine 🍷
Serein Madeleine 🍪
Sprinkles Swirly Pop 🍭
PepeTheMemeliciousFrog Swirly Pop 🍭