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Number of members: 10
Link: n/a
Tagline: Official Clan Tag: [GRID]
Created: 12/18/2014

Bio: Welcome to GRIDLOCK, a Roleplaying/Diplo Clan!
Interested in Joining?
Requirements to join:
Bootrate under 20%
Level 20 plus

If you think you got what it takes to join Contact either

Vapor Wolf (formally Frog007)

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We are >-:Gridlock:--> . Our name represents our values and high standards when it comes to recruiting. We only accept members who are willing to participate and put in the time, in other words, if you are here, you are truly one of the elite. We are a Diplomacy based clan, meaning we play primarily diplomacy games and we enjoy conversing and negotiating in our clan and in our games. Hard work and the courage to speak up in the clan will be rewarded. We will promote you if you give us reason too, although it will be competitive as our numbers grow, so not just anyone can be a third in command. Conversely we will weed out the weak and the feeble or those to foolish to follow our rules. Finally to the new recruits, welcome and to prospective members, we wish you the best of luck.


1st in command - Forerunner (To Be Decided)

2nd - The Council (WarBratt*, Vuk, BielekPL, VaporWolf)

3rd - Annihilators

4th - Elite

5th- Legend

6th - Gifted

7th - Talented

8th - Recruit

Ex-Members (Important):

Former Leader of Gridlock (*)

Clan Member Title
[GRID]WarBratt Annihilator/Council
zshark99 Inactive
CrabCake Talented
Peruzzo Recruit
Living Sacrifice Recruit
[GRID] Destroyer13579 Annihilator/Council
PumpkinsTK Recruit
Ned Stark Inactive
[GRID] {A} YĆ«ma Kuga Inactive
Kyle Henry Inactive