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Clan: The Royal Falcons

Number of members: 13
Created: 12/11/2014

Bio: Greetings! We are The Royal Falcons, and we pride ourselves with having fun, playing WarLight with each other and having discussions. We accept both Diplomacy players and Strategic players.
As Falcons, we pride ourselves with this one goal; that is to have fun playing WarLight in your stay here at the Falcons. Making fellow Falcons feel loved is our goal and we won't disappoint.

If you want to join our clan and enjoy the utter most fun WarLight has to offer contact:
Tim (TIM CLAN): Would be delighted to have thy place in our Kingdom.
Word Walker : Also has full Administrative Clan rights and Privileges.

Requirements to join :

Under 20% boot rate-MAXIMUM 20% is already high so do your best to not go over this even after you are accepted.
Level 25+
Played at least 25 games.
And to have fun at all times!

Please have fun and Soar to greater limits !
Bad sportsmanship will get you dumped.

The Royal Falcons.

Clan Member Title
Word Walker Strategy Prince
Tim 🍌 King
Elvis Citizen
bobo22285 Citizen
Giorgios Delivery Citizen
Alexis Tsipras Citizen
sekireialpha Citizen
[Falcon]The Polish Purple Bunny Prince
poissou Citizen
Billy Giovanis Citizen
GoldenS Citizen
yeethill Citizen
Ania Citizen