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Clan: The Holy Atheists

Number of members: 5
Tagline: Your gods can't help you now.
Created: 11/25/2014

Bio: Requirements: Be level 20 or higher. Be an active player. Have decent stats or provide a good explanation for why they're bad (ffurt97, Riz, Osama terror doll, and Cookie Monster will judge). Play both Riz and ffurt97 in a 1v1 on small earth (details below); you don't have to win, just demonstrate skill.

We're a pretty small clan, most of us know each other out of game but everyone who meets the requirements is welcome to join! All new members will be given the title Atheist Knight.


1v1 Entry Requirement:
map - small earth
distribution - full auto, 4 starts, 5 armies each.
cards - +10 reinforcement, 1 turn spy (3 pieces, 1/turn each)
no luck
standard attack/defend kill rates
1 day 10 hr autoboot

Message ffurt97 and Riz directly to indicate that you wish to join the clan, after making sure you qualify, they will create the games with the above settings.

Clan Member Title
ffurt97 Cardinal
Cookie Monster Atheist Knight
Osama terror doll Cardinal
Riz Cardinal
GaaraBph Cardinal