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Clan: A Different Kind

Number of members: 1
Link: http://adk.xyz/CqQzG
Tagline: Be part of something different, something bigger.
Created: 11/24/2014

Bio: -A Different kind-

The ADK Warlight clan is layed back and focuses on diplomatic and roleplaying games. It is open for players at any level as long as they are regurarly active in-game.

We wont tolerate any trolling, but in general freedom of expression is important. We strive to be a mature and layed back Warlight clan.

Currently the structure of the clan is still being decided, the different ranks and titles for example. Any suggestions or advice towards structuring the clan will be appreciated, anyone who is member or above will have the right to discuss changes or additions to the clan structure.

Clan Leader (Manager) - Appointed by any manager, recruits members.

Recruitment Officer - Openly recruits new members.

Brass Officer - Creates diplomatic/RP games, for fun or for recruitment.

Officer - (Choice) Given to anyone who's been part of the clan for 2 weeks.

Member - Part of the clan for 3 days.

Recruit - Recruited into the clan.

=ADK= is a layed back gaming community that has been around since early 2009.
Our community works to make competition and casual gaming more fun for all players. We have several servers in Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3 and Dayz. A large presence in Planetside 2 with an outfit of over 1000 members. We dabble in a little bit of everything.
At the moment Warlight is not a sponsored game by A Different Kind. Register on our Website! http://adk.xyz/CqQzG
Join our Teamspeak3 channel: adkgamers.com

Clan Member Title
=ADK= HansJob Leader/Recruiter