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Clan: GGEC

Number of members: 16
Link: https://www.twitch.tv/glbf
Tagline: gg
Created: 8/21/2014

Bio: We own you, we own everyone, we own the truth.
Anyone who would like to join us is free to do so :)
Just send your request to player/s:
CANADA = https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=1019939207
Tamsai = https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=6219974543
dinos312 = https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=7821238053

<---------Click here to accept the invite

Once you message one of our admins, we will add you to the invite list, then just click on the accept option which should appear below the clan's picture.
And you've joined :D

We usually play together on weekends, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays at night or in the afternoon from 2pm to 10pm Mountain Daylight Time. Note the time is only an average and shall vary and change depending on each person's availability. If you are eager to play with us message one of our admins directly. In that manner we will able to give you a more precise schedule of our week-end. We usually use Zoom however we have used Razer Comms and other voice call services in the past. If you want to join the call let us know and we will be happy to add you to it.

Titles define, describe and are unique to each of our team members. Titles composed of, or containing two to three capitalized characters of length [___] usually represent players on the invite list. Present members having a [___] tag in their title serve as attorneys for the players on the pending invite list. All players waiting for their application to be accepted are innocent until proved otherwise in the supreme court of GGEC.

Clan Member Title
sawaya κ[Francisco Canessa]
CANADA Ω [Nola] [Tynyz]
Desviación Ψ Booter
Bags א Indecente <3
Blumart27 β Disrespectero
Miloustique Ϟ Help me please
Meko Momika Ka Λ
jtrouvaipadenom Θ Rekt
anamanzana μ [Ernst Von Kleist]
Tybo δ D|ck
Tamsai Φ Game Master
Se Ba Γ Kaileus Tapia
dinos312 γ Greek Mod
N9 Ν
Dany Ela Δ [Vicente Lenz]