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Joined Warzone wiki10:21, 10 Jan 2015
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Last editedSeasonal Ladder (Season XIX)
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Joined13 August 2013
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Ladder Statistics

Rank: 1041 v 1 LadderRating: 1656
2 v 2 Ladder (with ) Rank: Rating:
3 v 3 Ladder (with & ) Rank: Rating: 1379
Rank: Real-Time LadderRating: 1112

Seasonal Ladder Statistics
Season Rank Rating
Season I
Season II
Season III
Season IV
Season V
Season VI
Season VII
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Season X
Season XI
Season XII 135 2599
Season XIII 153 2596
Season XIV 184 2564
Season XV 159 2413
Season XVI 108 2788
Season XVII 118 2822
Season XVIII 88 2920
Season XIX 98 2882
Season XXI 110 2851
Season XXII 205 2612
Season XXIII 160 2761
Season XXIV 168 2745
Season XXV 86 2939
Season XXVI

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Currently updating the Single Player Level pages

Want to help out? See Single Player Levels 2016.

User Stylesheet for Dark-Theme WL Wiki (and some small styling fixes)

  1. Copy the text on User:DanWL60/WL Dark Theme.
  2. Paste the text to Notepad (or another simple text editor).
  3. Save the file as userContent.css - it has to be a .css file extention.
  4. For browser specifics, see
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