Press This Button

Mod description

This mod adds a button that will reduce the next turn's income of a player by X% if they do not press the button in their current turn. AI's will not be affected by this mod. Once the game started, you can find the button under Game > Press This Button

How to use

This mod adds something like a dead man’s button to the game, with a punishment if the player does not push the button in time for the next turn. If you succeed in pushing the button, nothing will happen. If you fail to push the button, then your income will get adjusted downwards by a certain percentage. The button can be found in the mod menu. It's big, red and hard to miss :)

How to set up

There are 2 configurable options. The first option is the percentage of income the player will lose when the player fails to hit the button in time. This number can be anywhere between 1 and 100 percent.

The second option is to allow the mod to warn the player when they have failed to push the button the previous turn. Unchecking this checkbox won’t send out an alert to the player when they fail to push the button.

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