Map versioning

This page covers how to manage your map, how to make modifications to public maps, and best practices on managing your maps.

Once a version goes public, that version can never be modified again. This is important as you wouldn't want changes to a map to disrupt existing games. For example, you wouldn't want territories to magically connect or disconnect in the middle of a game!

The first version of your map that goes public should always be version 1.0. If you need to change a map after it has gone public, you should follow this process:

  • Duplicate the version into 1.1
  • Make your changes to this new version
  • Test the new version
  • Set it to public

Version 1.0 will change to Retired and 1.1 will change to public. Essentially, 1.1 will replace 1.0. New games will be created using 1.1, but games created off of 1.0 will continue to play out without being disrupted.

Although you can create as many copies of your versions as you want, it's recommended to delete ones you don't need anymore as they take up server resources.

The ratings and reviews your map has received are tied to the map as a whole. They will not be lost if you update your map version.

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