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WarLight supports a few hotkeys to make navigating the UI easier. Once you get used to the game, these can make playing easier.

Phase Manipulation

  • A - While building your turn, you can press the A key to advance to the next phase.
  • Q - While building your turn, you can press the Q key to go back to the previous phase.
  • Z - When done building your turn, you can press the Z key to commit your orders assuming you've advanced to the confirmation phase.
  • Control - While in the Attack/Transfer phase, you can hold down Control to cause clicks to initiate a deployment (just as would happen in the Deployment phase.) Many players prefer to just skip immediately to the Attack/Transfer phase and then deploy using this shortcut. This allows you to issue a deployment and the corresponding attack order at the same time rather than having to do all of your deployments separately from attacks.

Interface Elements

  • R - Clicks the Refresh button.
  • W - When watching the latest turn, you can press W as a substitute for clicking the Watch Turn button.
  • T - Shortcut to opening the Chat window. (Multi-player only)
  • G - Shortcut to opening the History window.
  • B - Shortcut to opening the Cards window.
  • P and M - Short for Plus and Minus, these are shortcuts for zooming in and out. These are useful for systems without mousewheel support.
  • Escape - Closes any open pop-up windows.

History Navigation

  • Left/right arrow keys go forward/backward through history by one turn.
  • Up/down arrows keys go forward/backward through history by one order.
  • Home key - opens up history to the first turn (or territory distribution in a manual distribution game)
  • End key - goes to the last turn (you may also wish to use escape to close history completely)
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