Get API Token API

The GetAPIToken API is used to retrieve the API token for your account. The API token is required to call any of the other Warzone APIs.

The easiest way to get your API token is to simply access in your browser while signed into Warzone. From here, copy the API token out of the returned JSON and use it in your application for other API requests.

The API token won't ever expire automatically. The only thing that stops an API token from working is if you change your Warzone account password. This will re-randomize your token. If you change your password, you should call GetAPIToken again to get the new one.

Every Warzone account has a unique API token. You should not reveal this token to other players - treat it as you would treat your password. If you ever suspect someone has learned your token, you should immediately change your Warzone account password to invalidate the token.

If you want to get your API Token programmatically using your password, you can POST your e-mail address and password to this page in the format