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Banking boot times is a feature that gives more flexibility to players with the boot times. When banking boot times is enabled, you get a second clock next to the main one that represents your banked time. You can then use this banked time to go over the boot time by that amount. Doing so eats up some of your banked time, which may or may not replenish depending on the game's settings.

Since banking boot times gives more leeway, it is recommended you use smaller boot times than you would without it.

[edit] Settings

In addition to the normal boot settings (boot time, automatic boot checkbox), banking boot adds two new options that game creators can configure when they create a game:

  • Initial bank: This defines how much banked time each player starts with, and it also defines the maximum banked time that any player can have at any point.
  • Receive Bank: This defines how much banked time each player receives back each turn. This value is relative to how much time has passed between turns.
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