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This wiki describes the game Warzone, which can be played at warzone.com.

[edit] Policies

The primary purpose of the Warzone Wiki is to document information about the implemented features of the game. Therefore, any articles or information about implemented features are welcome.

  • Players: Specific players should not get their own articles on the wiki outside of the User: pages.
  • Games: Generally, specific games should not get their own articles on the wiki. Some exceptions except, such as The Impaller versus The World, however these exceptions must be pre-approved by a wiki admin.
  • Maps: The Wiki is not currently trying to document every map. Given how often maps change, it would be very time consuming to maintain such documentation. Instead, it currently only contains featured maps. Please ask permission before adding a non-featured map.
  • Clans: Now that WarLight has an official clan system, clans should not get their own pages on the wiki.
  • Player-driven events: Any event (such as custom tournaments, custom ladders, etc.) must be pre-approved by a wiki admin before being added to the wiki. Often these events start out with good intentions, but the creators quickly lose interest. In order to qualify for a wiki page, you must first prove that you're in it for the long haul and enough players are participating in the event to make it noteworthy enough for a wiki article. Further, you should not rely on the wiki for maintaining status of your event, especially if the amount of data you need to store is large or frequently changing. Your wiki article describing the event may have a link to a third-party site that contains the current status, but the information in the wiki article itself should not be something that changes frequently.
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