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An enum that represents types of structures that can exist on a territory. These are displayed as icons on the map. The possible values are listed below. Currently, only City has an effect on the actual gameplay, as cities are used in commerce games. The rest of the items have no effect on the game except as defined by mods.

  • WL.StructureType.City: Used for cities in commerce games.
  • WL.StructureType.ArmyCamp
  • WL.StructureType.Mine
  • WL.StructureType.Smelter
  • WL.StructureType.Crafter
  • WL.StructureType.Market
  • WL.StructureType.ArmyCache
  • WL.StructureType.MoneyCache
  • WL.StructureType.ResourceCache
  • WL.StructureType.MercenaryCamp
  • WL.StructureType.Power
  • WL.StructureType.Draft
  • WL.StructureType.Arena
  • WL.StructureType.Hospital
  • WL.StructureType.DigSite
  • WL.StructureType.Attack
  • WL.StructureType.Mortar
  • WL.StructureType.Recipe

Note that cities will "collapse" when more than 3 of them are on a single territory and show the number of them as a digit followed by a single city icon. The rest of the icons do not collapse. Therefore, you should strive to avoid having more than 3 icons on a territory since it will not display well.

Note that all icons, other than City, were added in 5.17.0

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