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IncomeMod: Used to modify a player's income. Added in 5.17.0. Income is defined as the number of armies the player receives in a turn (or gold in a commerce game). For these to have an effect, they should be passed to a GameOrderEvent.

  • Message string: The message displayed to the player whose income is modified. This will be displayed in the Income Breakdown Dialog.
  • Mod integer: The number of armies (or gold) to add, or subtract if negative.
  • PlayerID PlayerID: The ID of the player whose income is being modified. This must be an ID of a player in the current game.
  • BonusID Nullable<BonusID>: Optionally, a bonus ID. If specified, these armies/gold can only be only deployed within a single bonus, like in a Local Deployment game. Or if Mod is negative, this will reduce armies that were required to be deployed to this bonus.

[edit] Functions

  • WL.IncomeMod.Create(pid PlayerID, mod integer, msg string, bonusIDOpt Nullable<BonusID>) (static) returns IncomeMod:
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