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CardInstance: An actual instance of a card belonging to a player or team. For example, when a player completes their 4th piece of a 4-piece reinforcement card, an instance of CardInstance is created, assigned a random ID, and given to the player/team.

[edit] Children

This is an abstract type. For Reinforcement cards, you should use the ReinforcementCardInstance, and for all other cards use the NoParameterCardInstance.

[edit] How to create a Card

  • Create a table
  • Create a card instance with WL.NoParameterCardInstance.Create (CardID) , then add it into the new table. Your element in that table is your cardInstanceID
  • Give the card to the player you want to have this card used on with addNewOrder(WL.GameOrderReceiveCard.Create( playerID PlayerID, cardInstanceID CardInstanceID))
  • Play the card with the appropriate subclass of GameOrderPlayCard function


local cardinstance = {} -- step 1
table.insert (cardinstance  ,  WL.NoParameterCardInstance.Create(WL.CardID.Airlift)) -- step 2
addNewOrder(WL.GameOrderReceiveCard.Create(PlayerID, cardinstance)) -- step 3
addNewOrder(WL.GameOrderPlayCardAirlift.Create(cardinstance[1].ID, Player.ID, TerritoryID  TerritoryID' , TerritoryID  TerritoryID' , Armies Armies)) -- step 4
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