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[edit] Mod description

This mod adds one new rule: If you hold all hills at the end of a turn, you win. The number and size of hills can be altered. The hills are indicated with Mines and can be found by clicking 'Game' on the bottom left and then 'Mod: King Of The Hill'. In team games, the game ends when a team holds all the hills.

[edit] How does it work

This mod adds a new feature to the game, an extra method / strategy to win a game. The mod chooses a few random territories on the map which will work like ‘hills’ (the number of territories is configurable) which are indicated by mines. These ‘hills’ don’t do anything except for when you control all the hills in the game at the end of a turn. Your opponents will automatically lose all their territories and thus are eliminated, leaving only you in the game which makes you the winner. This even works with teams, if a team holds all the ‘hills’ at the end of a turn all the other teams will get eliminated. In this case it doesn’t matter if one player holds all the ‘hills’ or multiple do.

[edit] How to set up

There are 2 configurable options. The number of hills and the number of armies the hills will have at the start of the game.

Due to how the mod configuration is set up, I wouldn’t recommend setting up a game with it on mobile since the text is barely readable.

[edit] Compatibility

This mod is compatible with every other mod at this date, but beware that you don't combine it with other mods that add mines too

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