Diplomacy 2

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Mod name Diplomacy 2
Creator Fizzer
Made public on 2019-04-01
Category Standard
Tags #Diplomacy
Runs on Warzone version 4.14.2+
Source code GitHub

This mod allows players to make alliances with each other. If an attack between allied players happens, the order will be skipped and not take affect. At the start of the game, all players start at war with each other.

Only attack/transfer orders count as attacks. Does not prevent cards such as the bomb card from killing allied player's armies.


[edit] Menu

The menu can be found under Game > Mod: Diplomacy 2. It lists who's allied with who. It also allows players to change their alliance status.

[edit] Proposing alliances

To propose an alliance:

  1. Open the menu
  2. Click "Propose Alliance"
  3. Select a player
  4. Click "Propose Alliance"
  5. The proposing player then gets a "Proposal Sent" message

Players can only make alliances with human players and never with AIs.

[edit] Responding to alliance requests

Whenever a player proposes an alliance, the other player gets a message saying that someone requested an alliance. They are given the choice to "Accept" or "Decline".

Proposals are also listed in the menu. Click the "Respond" button then click "Accept" or "Decline".

[edit] Breaking alliances

Either player in an alliance can break it. To break an alliance:

  1. Open the menu
  2. Click the "Break" button

This inserts an order into the orders list. The alliance won't be broken until the end of the current turn.

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