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This mod allows players to buy neutral territories with gold, the price of the territory is determined by the amount of armies and the multiplier configured by the game creator.

There are some things you should know before you start asking questions. The most notable thing you should know is that only territories you can fully see are purchasable. When playing with light or dense (also heavy) fog you will be able to see who owns the territory, but not the army count and which special units. The mod sees this as ‘not fully’ visible’ and these territories are not purchasable. To buy a territory in light, dense or heavy fog that is not fully visible, you should play a reconnaissance, surveillance or spy (only if you’re able to spy on neutral) card.

Second, when you add the order to buy a territory does not mean you will buy the territory for sure. When the turn advances, the mod will look at every purchase order and check if the territory is still neutral. If the territory is not neutral anymore at the time your purchase order gets processed, nothing will happen. Note that the purchase order type is GameOrderCustom, you can put these orders wherever you want in your order list. You can even put them before your deployment orders where they will get processed before any deployment orders, even those of your opponents.

Third, the amount of armies on the neutral territory can differ at the time your purchase order gets processed then when you added the order in your order list. If the amount of armies on the territory is more than you originally paid for your purchase will get canceled. If the amount of armies is less than you originally paid for and the territory is still neutral, you will buy the territory but won’t get any compensation for paying too much.

At last, when playing on a big map, with a lot of neutral territories and no fog, the list where you can choose the territories from will be really, really big. Creating the list will take a while and searching for a precise territory is a task which requires a lot of patience. In this case I strongly recommend using the browser version to submit your turn. You can use [ctrl] + [F] to search for the name of the territory in the list which is way easier and faster than looking at every possible territory in the list. Note you cannot add these orders in the browser and finish creating your orders on mobile or in the app since the purchase orders will not be stored on the browser. The other way around is possible though.

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